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To keep our home safe and warm, we use furnaces. The heating provided by furnace is a blessing to us in winters, but this heating company forney can turn into a disaster if it is not properly maintained. Old and unrepaired furnaces can even pose threat to lives in many ways. Furnaces at homes develop problems over time. These problems need to be addressed before they lead to safety hazards. To avoid safety hazards, furnace repair and maintenance in Rockwall TX is important every year.

Furnace repair and maintenance in Rockwall TX becomes imperative due to extreme winters. Before winter arrives, proper repair and air conditioning rockwall can lead to a safe and secure home. Following are the ways in which you can ensure furnace maintenance and secure lives.

Schedule Annual Tune-Up

Over time your furnace heat exchanger can get cracked or electrical wires may get frayed. The heat exchanger, which contains combustion of gases including carbon monoxide, absorbs gases and heats your home. If it gets cracked, then carbon monoxide can leak into your home, and pose a threat to your life and that of your loved ones. To check the cracks and repair wires, you should schedule annual tune-ups. These tune-ups ensure that the furnace system is running safely and repairs these issues.

Check Openings in Venting Systems and Flue Pipes

The purpose of venting systems and flue pipes is that is carries out the combustion gases from the furnace safely outside your home. But if openings occur in venting systems, these gases including carbon monoxide may leak into your home which when inhaled is fatal to human life. Hence, you should not delay to repair the venting systems and flue pipes of furnace to secure your home.

Dirty Furnace or Inappropriate Ductwork Design

A dirty furnace or inappropriate ductwork design can make your heating system inefficient or malfunction. A dirty furnace increases the amount of carbon monoxide produced in the furnace and an inappropriate ductwork design can draft back carbon monoxide inside your home rather than throwing out. If the blower is installed incorrectly, that can also lead to sending CO back in your home’s air supply. These malfunctions need to be repaired and maintained before carbon monoxide infiltrates your home.

Check Your Home Alarms and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Inefficient furnaces increase the risk of fire and carbon monoxide. It is important to test home alarms and carbon monoxide detectors beforehand to check their working. Replace the batteries of both frequently.

Posted on Mar 17, 2014